The digital traces of human dynamics, such as mobile phone data and vehicular GPS trajectories, when observed for sufficiently long periods and suitably interpreted, allow to re-construct the detailed networks of individual mobility of large masses of people. This has been the starting point for the discovery of various data science models aimed at understanding the complexity of human mobility as a base to construct smart cities for smarter citizens. My talk gives a brief account of both collective models of urban dynamics and individual models of personal behavior. The first category includes: i) the real-time demography of urban stocks and inter-city flows of city-users (residents, commuters, and visitors), ii) the urban mobility atlas of the emergent time-table of a city, iii) the returners-explorers dichotomy, iv) the relation between mobility diversity and economic development, v) the emergence of the polycentric city.​ The personal models include activity recognition, i.e., how to discover the purpose of a user's movements, and proactive ride matching for carpooling, based on the individual and collective networks of users' mobility. We advocate a "personal data analytics" approach to empower users' awareness and boost analytical quality, based on the privacy-preserving combination of individual and collective patterns.​



Fosca Giannotti is a director of research of computer science at the Information Science and Technology Institute “A. Faedo” of the National Research Council, Pisa, Italy. Fosca Giannotti is a pioneering scientist in mobility data mining, social network analysis and privacy-preserving data mining. Fosca leads the Pisa KDD Lab - Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Laboratory http://kdd.isti.cnr.it, a joint research initiative of the University of Pisa and ISTI-CNR, founded in 1994 as one of the earliest research lab centered on data mining. Fosca's research focus is on social mining from big data: smart cities, human dynamics, social and economic networks, ethics and trust, diffusion of innovations. She has coordinated tens of European projects and industrial collaborations. Fosca is now the coordinator of SoBigData, the European research infrastructure on Big Data Analytics and Social Mining, an ecosystem of ten cutting edge European research centres providing an open platform for interdisciplinary data science and data-driven innovation http://www.sobigdata.eu​.